A little garden update.

As it’s national gardening week I thought now would be the perfect time to share a little update with you. All the recent sunshine we’ve been having has had a great effect on my garden and everything has started too bloom. These pretty purple flowers (points to you if you can tell me what they are) have sprung up everywhere. My mum thinks they are weeds but they are far to pretty to pull up so we’re calling the wildflowers.
We have a copper birch tree that has started to bloom. Unfortunately there won’t be any blossom (boo!) but it’s still looking rather pretty. I also have bluebells popping up. They came up with the daffodils and I assumed that they weren’t going to flower but they’ve come out now. Some are such a pretty shade of purple. 
There’s a couple of lillies in the garden to and I noticed that they are starting to bloom as well. As for planting I’ve been told to wait until May just to make sure there’s no frost. The Mr made me a plant shelf which I’ll show you soon and I can’t wait to grown some herbs and pretty flowers. I just need to sit down and decide what to grow.
I hope you enjoy these little updates and if you have or have read any garden blog posts leave your link below. I’d love to read them!
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