Spring has sprung.

I never used to get Spring. I loved Winter and Summer and the other seasons just felt pointless. But now it’s grown on me. The sunshine we’ve been having this past week has put a smile on peoples faces and you can now see the end to the cold, dull weather. I went out for a walk to the shop the other day and having the sunshine on my face just made me feel happier, the bird song cheered me up, it’s such a cliche but it’s true. I rarely have a down day when the sun is shining. 
The other day I was feeling down, you know those days where you’re just in a bad mood for the sake of being in a bad mood, well it was one of those days. I went to get myself a drink in the kitchen, I looked up and suddenly the most beautiful butterfly flew past the window and landed on the fence. All I wanted to do was run and grab my camera, but I couldn’t move just in case it flew away before I got back. I just stood, grounded, and stared at it until it flew away and for some reason that lifted my mood and gave me the reassurance that I needed. 
The change in the season makes me crave change in everything else. Change in materialistic things like clothes but also change in life. Recently I’ve been thinking about what I really want to do with my life and how I can make it possible. I’m hoping that eventually my hard work will pay off and I can finally live my freelance dream. Until then I’m going to work damn hard to achieve as much as I can.
So what was meant to be a light post about spring and pretty flowers has turned quite philosophical. I guess that’s what the sunshine does to your head. Does the change in weather make you crave new beginnings? I can’t be the only one.
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