My day in photos #1

This is a post I’ve been meaning to do for ages and I’ve finally got round to doing it. I’ll warn you now that this post is picture heavy although what do you expect? It is my day in photos haha! I hope you this gives you a sneak peek into my Saturday.
9:00 – Starting my day of with a cuppa. Can’t function without one, I’m pretty sure this is a sign of getting old!
10:00 – Sorting myself out for the day. Make up, hair and teeth etc.
11:00 -Bribing the Mr to put the washing on the line for me. I love housework and cleaning but putting the washing on the line is so boring.
11:15 – The family came over and we made bread with the little ones.
11:30 – We let them do the kneeding and shaped there own bread!
13:00 – We went into town and by the time we came back the bread have proofed so we baked it and ate it for lunch. Homemade bread is so much nicer!
14:00 – I got the washing in. Too nice, aren’t I. 
14:30 – Forcing the Mr to take outfit photographs. This always results in an outtake or two!
15:00 – We sat down and watched TV. Well I say we watched. I moaned while the rugby was cluttering up my TV!
17:45 – Sunset. This always results in me going “oooh look how pretty the sky is!”. I love a good sunset/sunrise.
18:15 – Saturday evening is always dinner from the chipshop. It’s a tradition my mum and dad started and that I’ve held on to.
20:30 – Time for us to debate whose turn it is to make a cuppa. It worked out to be his turn. Yay! We couldn’t resist a piece of this cake too. How cute is the little chocolate dog? I was testing out a chocolate mould.
So there it is my day in photos! I hope I’m not too boring for you.
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