The man behind the lens (sometimes).

In honour of our five year aniversary yesterday I though I’d put together a little post.
Now I would say 80% of the photographs on this blog I take myself but sometimes when you want to be in the photographs you have to find a man (usually playing on his xbox or doing uni work) to bother and force him to take them for you. So I thought that it was about time for me to introduce him to you. 
This creatures name is Dion and he is two years older than me. While I’m creative he is more logical and you’ll probably find him doing a crossword puzzle or three.

 We met at school. He was in sixth form and I was in year 11. We met during a school play where he played a weirdo and I was the main character. When then starting talking on MSN and Bebo. Oh those were the days! The school then put on a version of Grease. I was a pink lady and he was Vince Fontain. We gradually got  to know each other better and then on February the 27th 2009 he asked me out. My reply (because I’m a funny one) was out where? 

We’ve been together ever since, our relationship has never changed and hopefully never will. We got engaged on my birthday in 2012 and moved into together in June last year. Here’s hoping for a wedding soon.He’s stuck with me for good.Sorry pal. I know you’ll be reading this.
 I feel like I should maybe do a girl behind the lens too, want to know more about me?
Tonight we are off to celebrate with a meal out. I just need to decide where we should signature

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