Painter’s daughter.

Coat, pinafore, top – Charity shop.
Tights, necklace – New Look.
Watch – Gift.
Ok so I lied. I’m not a painters daughter. My dad could draw a bit and my mum doodles pictures of flowers and houses when she’s on the phone. However I don’t think this can class my parents as painters. The reason for the title? This pretty denim pinafore. I picked it up in my favourite charity shop (which closes down next week, don’t even talk to me about it, I’m pretending it’s not happening!) for £1.50. That still doesn’t explain the name does it, well it reminds me of the art pinafores we used to have to wear when we were in school, minus all the glue splatters and painty handprints. 
When I picked the pinafore up I ummed and ahhhed for a little while but I learnt my lesson last time with the beautiful coat in the pictures above. It’s from the same shop, and if you follow me on twitter (if you don’t then why not? follow me here!) you might remember me going on about a coat I had tried on and put back. That evening I was worrying about this coat. I needed it. And it was half price and it was vintage and it was a classic cut and colour and well it was just perfect. Why did I put it back?
 So the next morning I wasn’t in work until ten. I thought the shop opened at 9 so that gave me an hour to get the coat. Oh no. It wasn’t going to be that simple. That morning it was pouring with rain and the shop didn’t open until half nine which cut it pretty fine.I walked around the town trying to waste time, I walked past the shop four times and it still wasn’t open. So I went into work dropped of my things and then ran down to the shop. It was open and the coat was still there. It was the same lady as the day before and she recognised me, we exchanged funny stories on why you should never leave something in a charity shop and then I ran off to work. It was meant to be. 
Anyway on to today. I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. I’m making the most of it as I’m back at work on Tuesday after 10 glorious days off. We’ll be lazying around and hopefully getting some kind of takeaway this evening. We made pancakes for breakfast which I’ll be blogging about soon and then we took these photographs, not before a couple of cups of coffee. I love Sundays.
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