Top – Charity shop, Dress (worn underneath) – Vintage, Tights – Primark, Boots – New Look, Necklace – eBay.
A fashion post. Wow I must be organised. I always think yeah I’ll post my outfit, then never get round to doing it. I picked up this top yesterday on my charity shop haul. My sister and I went to every charity shop in our town on the look out for pretty clothes and Christmas presents. We did really well. I got a few presents and two top all for under £15. Not bad!
I’m still getting used to my haircut. All together I’ve probably had about 3 inches off which for someone who always says “please just take the ends and no more” it’s a big step. I think it makes me look a bit more mature and it looks a lot healthy than it did.
I’ve got lots more Christmas posts lined up so keep your eyes out for those!
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