Kiwi, apple and raspberry popsicles!

It’s hot. I know. And I like it. Summer should be hot and sunshiney so lets make the most of it and not complain. Us Brits like to complain about the weather, too cold, too hot, too windy, too dry, too wet. We are never happy. But with the heatwave looking like it’s here to stay for a couple of weeks more, lets make the most of and eat as much ice cream and ice lollies as possible!
These are the easiest thing to make in the world and you can use any fruit juice you have.
I used:
Apple and raspberry fruit juice
2 kiwis, thinly sliced
popsicle mould (mine’s from poundland)
Place the chopped kiwi into the moulds, fill with juice and freeze overnight.
To release the frozen popsicle, run the mould under some warm water and it should just come away.
The perfect way to cool down!

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