Lately #28

Sunday, April 21, 2013

We have had a considerable amount of sunshine this week and it's made me rather happy, that and the fact I passed my driving theory test. 

I started gardening today, a new hobby for this year. I'm excited to grow my own veg. 

We've been feeding the stray cat that visits our garden. I've named him scraggy as his coat isn't in the best condition.

This week is going to be busy I've got lots of uni work to get done before May. Wish me luck!


3 Replies


  1. All those flowers are beautiful! I'd love to do some gardening, but it's definitely my mum's domain haha. Good luck with all the uni work! xx

  2. Well done passing your theory test! My boyfriend is away doing his driving test right now and I'm so nervous to hear if he's passed or not! Always love the flowers in your photos. xx


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