Cheats trifle!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

So I said yesterday that today's post would be for when things go wrong. Which they did on Tuesday. I was making the lemon sponges and I don't think I greased the pan enough and only 4 came out whole. I know things go wrong and I bet that even Mary Berry has bad days but you kind of feel like you've failed a bit. ell I do anyway. However an idea came along.

I decided to put the lemon sponge to good use and make a cheats trifle. I still had some left over ingredients from yesterday's post so I made these and man they are good!

All you need is:

sponge cake, crumbled
double cream, whipped
strawberries, chopped
icing sugar

To assemble your cheats trifle. Place the sponge cake into the bottom of the dish, add some of the strawberries saving enough for the top. Pile on the cream and add the remaining strawberries. 

Finish with a dusting of icing sugar (everything looks better with icing sugar). And serve. These will keep chilled for the rest of the day. So feel free to make ahead.

It's great to put use to something that would have been binned. A great way to use up leftover ingredients too! And boy do they taste good!

5 Replies


  1. i'm making these every day

  2. Mmmmmmmmm I love trifle these look amazing :)

  3. I love your pictures! They look like such delicate trifles, I bet they tasted one million times better than the substandard Birdseye

  4. Not usually a fan of trifle, but these sound fantastic!

  5. Yum! Nothing says summer more to me that a delish strawberry trifle. Definitely going to have to try!



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