If you feeling a little stuffy from all the macaron’s you’ve been eating then I have a remedy. Smoothies.
I find getting fruit into my diet so much easier if I have smoothies, it’s also a great way to use up fruit that’s going a bit soft. I picked up a book from poundland and been making a few of the recipes. I have altered a few to my personal tastes.
Here a few of my favourites: 
Kiwifruit and Orange
1 large orange
1 kiwifruit
125ml of apple juice
Pear, Apple and Cranberry
1 large pear
1 large apple
125ml of cranberry juice
Banana and Strawberry
1 ripe banana
50g strawberries (I used a can of strawberries)
125ml of orange juice
To make these cut up your fruit, add your juice and blend until smooth in a blender. Serve in a glass with a straw, if your cool.

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