Heart Cardigan!

Dress – Clothing at Tesco
Cardigan**, leggings**, brogues, bow necklace – New Look
Glasses – George at ASDA
Rose necklace – Poundland
Total Outfit Price: £28.97
A very casual and lazy outfit for me today. I’ve had such an easy going day. I had a lay in went for a spot of charity shopping then had lunch. It’s nice to feel relaxed for once.
This is the dress I have been going on about from Tesco. It’s a size 6! Now I know size is just a number and I couldn’t care less what size something was as long as it looks nice. But a 6? Seriously, thanks Tesco for the confidence booster!
I have a few days off next week so as long as the weather stays good there will be a return of outfit posts!

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