Laura Lees for Topshop!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

dress - charity shop
cardigan, shoes - new look**
hat - h&m
tights - primark

Total Outfit Price: £30.97

I came home from uni last week and saw this dress laying on one of our chairs. My mum volunteers in a charity shop and she brought this home for me to try on. I tried it one and instantly fell in love! I then saw that it was Laura Lees for Topshop. I looked her up on Google and the collection is from around 2009. I love the embroidery details. The cherry is my favourite!

I've been mega busy today even though is my only official day off. I made a cake in my new bundt tin (it failed a bit, but the cake was good, I'll probably blog the recipe!), I went and brought the ingredients and picked up two tins from asda for ten pound. So I now own a mini loaf tin (perfect for mini carrot cakes) and a deep muffin tin for making friands. I'll be making those and blogging about them next week!

I've also booked a driving lesson for next week! Eeeek wish me luck!

3 Replies


  1. I remember this collection! I love the random patches all over it x

  2. Pretty! :) I truly loooove hat looks :) xx

  3. I love this. You look gorgeous. I'm just looking at her dresses on ebay.
    Tracy x


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