Cowboy print!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shirt - ASDA
Jeans, Jumper, Shoes - New Look**

Total Outfit Price: £39.48

I had to quickly dash outside to take these, it's been on off showers all day.

I planned out my first Christmas post with an edible gift idea and that should hopefully be up on here tomorrow. I've got lots of festive posts planned and can;t wait to share them with you.

I picked up this shirt from ASDA after my mum told me I would need this shirt. She was right! Fits into my wardrobe perfectly and not bad for £12. Supermarkets have some great clothes!

P.S I know I need my fringe cut!
P.P.S I know that I have a hanging ribbon sticking out! (ooops!)

2 Replies


  1. Your hair looks absolutely awesome here! I can't believe what a bargain your outfit was too, you look lovely (: xx

  2. I love the colour of that jumper and those collar tips are amazing xx


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