Christmas Gift Idea #1

So here is my first ever Christmas post! I thought I’d share with you one of my families all time favourites, peppermint creams. I found a recipe for some in a Christmas magazine and I loved how they were called kisses so I decided to go with that name instead. I also discovered rosewater kisses too and they are just as good! So here’s the super simple recipe that would make a wonderful edible gift and won’t cost you the earth!
1 egg white
340g icing sugar
6-7 drops of peppermint flavouring
1 drop of green food colouring
1 drop of pink food colouring
2 tsp of rosewater
1. Lightly whisk the egg white until frothy.
2. Sift in the icing sugar. Stir thoroughly with a wooden spoon until the mixture is quite stiff.
3. Knead the mixture into a ball with your hands and turn out onto a icing sugar dusted surface.
4. Divide the mixture into two balls.
5. Knead the peppermint flavouring and green food colouring into one ball, and knead the rosewater and pink food colouring into the other. I place the balls in a bowl so I didn’t spill the liquid everywhere!
6. Roll the mixture into small balls and squash down slightly. You could always use a cookie cutter and make pretty shapes.
7. Leave to dry overnight and package up ready for Christmas!
The kisses only keep for around 3 days so make them just a few days before Christmas. Also just a health note, be careful who you give them to as they do contain raw egg.
I package mine up in a little box and then wrapped them up in brown paper and sheet music (Google Christmas sheet music and you can find lots!)
And there you go a simple Christmas gift!

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