Autumn’s arrival!

Shirt – George at ASDA
Jumper – Charity Shop
Jeans – Primark
Bag – Vintage
Brogues – New Look
Total Outfit Price: £32.99
Long time no see. I haven’t posted an outfit post in ages and I haven’t posted on here for almost a week! I run out of time a lot at the minute, in fact I wouldn’t have been able to post today if it weren’t for the fact of me being ill and having a spare few minutes to run out ans take a few snaps.
I am planning on being more organised and I’ve started a notebook of posts I need to do and I’m going to organise posts for days when I’m not at uni. So I won’t be posting on a Tuesdays or Thursdays. I did debate about doing wishlists etc but I’d rather post things I really want to share than just any old rubbish.
I do have nails post coming up and a Glossybox review too!
Wow I’ve rambled, but anyway I hope you enjoy the return of my outfit posts!

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