Monthly Archives: November 2012

Cowboy print!

Shirt – ASDA Jeans, Jumper, Shoes – New Look** Total Outfit Price: £39.48 I had to quickly dash outside to take these, it’s been on off showers all day. I planned out my first Christmas post with an edible gift idea and that should hopefully be up on here tomorrow. …

Lately #8

Flowers I picked up for 20p, playing with shutter speeds and street lights, trying to write an essay, banana cakes I made (I did blog the recipe), digging out my thick winter scarf, twilight making the garden look pretty and I finally photographed the frosty grass. ♥

Nails #11

(Excuse my swollen puffy fingers in the bottom picture, they’ve been playing me up all week. I think a trip to the Dr’s is in order!) I’ve had this Models Own Hedkandi glitter polish for ages and I’ve been meaning to try it, and here it is. Layered over Nails …