Lately #1

I made goats cheese, potato and thyme bread in the week. It didn’t even last the whole day. We are bread addicts in my house!

I finally have my room how I want it. I just need to keep on top of tidying and putting my clothes away.

I got a new phone cover, yay! About time too. I also got my new bed linen on my bed. There’s nothing better than having a beautiful bed.

I picked up these brogues yesterday, they are on offer for £7.99. I had a 25%off voucher too which made them £5.99. Bargain.

I picked up this beautiful suitcase bag yesterday and posted an outfit, look below. It was so cheap at £6 and totally worth the money.

I brought some fresh flowers for my room. There’s a lady who sells them down my road. Not bad for 80p.
This is a bit of a new post, more of a lifestyle blog post. I’m thinking of doing this every Sunday, what do you think? Happy Sunday everyone.

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