Elbow patches and suitcase bags!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

shirt - Clothing at Tesco
skirt**, shoes - New Look
tights - Primark
bag - Vintage

Total Outfit Price: £29.48

I picked up the bag and shoes this morning. I went for a little trip and stumbled across a vintage fair and me being me, I had to go in. I found this beautiful bag and when I saw it was only £6 I had to have it. I also picked up a polka dot scarf. Oh how I love vintage.

It's getting difficult taking photographs, the light is a bit weird this time of year and editing the photographs becomes harder. Oh well I'll sort it out.

2 Replies


  1. I love the skirt :) As much as I love clothing with elbow patches I don't actually own anything! x

  2. I've just recently bought a knitted jumper with elbow patches. they're so cute!
    Love that bag, its actually adorable!



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