Chutney recipe – get ready for Christmas!

A few weeks ago I posted some photo’s on Instagram of my chutney making. Lots of people asked me for the recipe so I thought I’d share it with you!
2kg ripe tomatoes
2 sliced onions (I used one very large one)
2 sweet peppers (or one very large)
Tablespoonful of sea salt
Teaspoonful of dried mustard powder
Teaspoonful ground ginger
175g moist brown sugar
Pinch of cayenne pepper
1. Wash and dry the tomatoes and peppers and cut into thick slices.
2. Place the tomatoes, onion and sweet peppers into a bowl with a tablespoonful of salt. Leave overnight or for 12 hours.
3. In the morning pour off a little of the liquid and mix in the mustard powder, and ginger.
4.Put the vegetables in a large heavy based pan and add the flavoured liquid.
5. Add the sugar and the cayenne pepper to the pan.
6. Heat the pan up and stir well, simmer away until you’ve reached a thick jam consistency. It takes around 20/30 minutes to reach this.
7. Pour the liquid into sterilised jars (Click here to find out how to do this).
8. Seal the jar with a wax disc and cellophane and screw the lid on tightly. (Click here for more info on that)
9. Leave for at least a month before eating. The longer you leave it the better it tastes.
Why not make some now and put it away for Christmas. You could package the chutney up with crackers and a selection of cheese!
I can’t wait to open mine!

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