London Fashion Week #3 What I Wore!




dress – Clothing at Tesco
necklace**, boots**, jacket** – New Look
Total Outfit Price: £55.47
This was my biggest worry for fashion week! What do I wear? I decided to keep it simple but classy. Some people but a lot of effort in and some tried a bit too hard. I think most people dressed beautifully, you always see some eccentric outfits, but I suppose that’s fashion. I found this dress in Tesco of all places and loved it. I tried it on and it fitted perfectly and then I looked at the price tag. It was on sale for £9! Bargain. I had to have it.
I wanted to style it up with a leather jacket and New Look had some nice ones so I picked this one up, it;s going to last me all winter. It was quite expensive but totally worth it. The necklace was something I wanted it for a while. And little ankle boots are a perfect A/W essential!



After the shows and street style snapping both Lauren and Laura have some amazing photos, we tagged along with a few others to the Glam Media bloggers lounge where I met some amazing bloggers!
It was all a little surreal but I had the most amazing time. I hit home reality kicked in and I felt a bit lost. Oh well there’s always February. We’ve decided to be more organised and plan next year in advance!
Thanks to Lauren and Laura for the photographs! Love you guys!


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