17 Berry Crush Lip Stain Review!

RRP £4.99
Unless you’ve been hiding away somewhere you’ll know that lip stains are one of the hottest products on the cosmetics market right now and up until recently I hadn’t tried one. I remember when I was little and broke into my sisters make up collection and stole a red lip stain and my lips were stained for days so I was a bit weary!
However I am really impressed. I picked up the shade Pinkini, which is a punchy vibrant pink, with deep purple tones. This kind of colour is what I’m really loving at the minute. 
For those of you wondering how to apply this product you just simply apply the lip balm to protect and moisturise your lips and then apply the felt tip looking end over you lips to add colour. 
I wore this to fashion week as I wanted my lip colour to stay in place all day without too many touch ups and it did.
To begin with I thought that the felt tip end was dried out as the colour was difficult to apply but after a few uses this seems to have cleared up.
I can’t wait to try out some more the shades! And the 17 lip stains are so much cheaper than that of other brands, they’ve definitely won me over!

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