Cleaning my brushes!

Now cleaning my brushes is something that up until recently I didn’t do very often (awful I know!) but since having my real techniques brushes I knew I had to look after them.
Now I’m not saying what I’m doing is the right way but it’s the way that works for me.
First of all I dip the brushes into lukewarm water. I then take some baby shampoo and brush that into my brush. I then swill the brush into the water to take out as much make up as possible. The water turns a muggy orange colour! Eww! I do this until the water in the brush runs clean.
I also clean the case the brushes are in, there’s no point in keeping your clean brushes in a dirty case. I give in a good scrub with a baby wipe.
And voila! Clean brushes. Just leave them to dry over night.

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