Botanics 3 Minute Deep Conditioning Hair Mask Review!

RRP £3.39
I picked this up on a whim when I was looking for dry shampoo in boots the other day. The price of this completely won me over it is usually five pounds but that’s not a lot for this big tub!
The hair mask is really thick and feels really conditioning even on your hands. I applied this whilst in the shower last night and I loved the fact that it can applied on the go. I am far to impatient to wait over night or for hours for a deep conditioning treatment. Just pop this on for 3 minutes and wash it off and voila! Shiny manageable super soft hair.
My main concern with this product was that it might make my hair greasy. When I was younger I remember using a hair mask and I had to wash my hair three times in a row to get it back to normal as it made my hair so greasy. But this was nothing like that. It washed out easy and made my hair lovely, especially the ends with are quite dry at the minute.
I would totally recommend this to anyone wanting a great reasonably priced hair mask!
P.S I’ll be posting some pictures of Dolly Peg jewellery in the next few days to get your guys opinion. I hope you like it!

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