Batiste Wild Dry Shampoo Review!

RRP £2.99
A few months ago I was a dry shampoo virgin. I used the hairspray and talc trick and then I decided to try dry shampoo. I’ve not looked back since!
Now I don’t use this instead of washing my hair (you can’t beat freshly washed hair) but I can’t wash  my hair everyday as it goes really frizzy and fine, but my hair is oily so I need something to absorb the grease in my fringe on day two.
I picked up Batiste Sassy and Daring Wild dry shampoo a couple of weeks ago from boots. The smell first of all is amazing it smells like baby lotion which is a smell I love!
After using this, my hair looks as good as new. It adds texture and and cleans my hair what’s not to love? I’m a dry shampoo convert and can’t wait to try the other dry shampoos in the Batiste range!

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