Balance Me Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve Review!

RRP £12*

Magazine freebie time again and of course I will be stocking up so expect to see lots of reviews. Glamour Magazine were giving away Balance Me products and the choices were between a moisturiser, cleanser, eye balm and lip salve. I brought the eye cream for Mamma and the lip salve for myself. I didn’t buy the other two as I have lots of cleansers and moisturisers to review.
I’ve needed a lip balm for ages and I regretted not picking on up for L’Occitane but when this came along I snapped it up. The product works well and my lips are silky smooth. The real test will be in winter as my lips can get really dry. I love the herbal smell (much to Mr. Swan’s disgust) but it leaves a weird taste in your mouth. Which is bearable but not something I enjoy about the product. However as a magazine freebie you can’t go wrong. Would I purchase this for £12, fraid not but as a free product I love it!
Would you like to see a review on Mamma’s eye cream? Let me know!

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