Nails #3

If you follow me on twitter you would have already seen that this week I decided to do cloud nail art! And here it is! The inspiration for this nail art was the fabulous Wah Nails. On their instagram feed they have thousands of nail art designs and the clouds caught my eye and I thought (how wrong I was) that it would be super easy to do. Well here’s my how to:
1. I applied MUA Shade 9 which is a lovely sky blue colour. I find that I have to apply around three or four coats for a bold look.
2. After waiting for the blue polish to dry I then dig out a paint brush. Any thin paint brush will do I think the ones I have cost around 99p from The Works. I then dip the end of the brush into a white polish. Mine is some old polish that’s been kicking around for ages. I then paint cloud shape blobs on to my nails. This is harder than it looks but even if they do go a bit wrong it looks good anyway!
3. As always I then apply a top coat and again I used MUA Shade 17.
4. After a clean up around the nails you then have some fluffy clouds! Ok so there not all exactly cloud like but the effect looks good. It’s something I’m going to perfect over time!
 And that is my easy cloud nail art! What do you think? Will you be trying this out? (If you do try this out send me s picture over twitter so I can see how it turned out!)
Any ideas for next weeks nail art?

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