Nails #2

For the Jubilee I decided (like everyone else) to paint my nails in appropriate dress. So out came the red, white and blue nail polish. My original plan was to buy a new MUA white nail polish but as usual my Superdrug was out of stock of the colour I needed. So I decided to dig out some old white polish to use instead.
I did the usual nail care routine before I started. Cut, file etc. I then applied the red and blue on each nail. I waited around 10 minutes for them to dry completely. (I find that MUA nail polishes take around 3/4 coats for bold colour). I then applied a clear coat of polish. I waited for a good few hours before I decided to tackle the polka dots.
For polka dots I use an old hair grip/bobby pin. I separated the grip and then dipped the end in the white nail polish. I then dabbed it on my nails (as neat as I could). I then applied another top coat to keep the polish in place.
I finished off with a good blob of Elizabeth Arden eight hour hand cream!
And that’s my easy polka dot nail look. I’m going to be tackling different nail art looks so look out for those in the future!

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