Kisses, crosses and binoculars!

top* – primark, skirt – chairty shop, jewellery – kukee, shoes – new look
Total Outfit Price: £11.99
My day off today and I am planning to fill it with taking blog photos and filming youtube videos. By the way if you have any video requests please let me know as I’m on the look out for ideas!
Today’s outfit is one of the ones I planned last week when we had bright sunshine (only lasted two days!) and I’ve been waiting for the weather to wear it. Today is by no means sunny but at least it’s not raining or as it did yesterday thunder and lightning. That resulted in a power cut at work! Oh Great British weather how we loathe you. I hope any international readers are having better weather?
Anyway must get on! Hope your Monday’s not to miserable!
Oh and if you have a moment it would be really great if you could nominate Little Paper Swans for the Cosmo Blog Awards as nominating ends on Friday. So if you have a spare minute I’d be really grateful!
P.S I’m thinking of doing a giveaway when I reach a hundred followers what would you like to win? Let me know.

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