Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner!

RRP £2.99

I brought this eyeliner on Tuesday after struggling with my old rubbish liquid eyeliner. I am useless at applying eyeliner so any way of making things easier always interests me. I thought that this might be a good way of applying eyeliner without looking like a child did my make up.
The eyeliner is exactly like a felt tip and it is a lot easier to apply than a standard liquid liner. I’m still no expert at applying eyeliner but this makes things a lot easier.
I also didn’t like how standard eyeliner wore off during the day. That flaky look is just horrible and I’m happy to say this lasts longer and no flakiness. In no way does this last 24 hours, but it does last a lot longer than a standard liquid eyeliner.
In the shop I accidentally picked up a purple felt tip liner and applied some to my hand, it stained my hand and would not come off. I tried the black and that came off with my eye make up remover. I was a little cautious about applying it still just in case it stained my eyes, but I’m happy to say it doesn’t!
The felt tip liner is a great idea and I’m never going to go back to standard liquid liner again!
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