Weekend away!

From tomorrow until Monday morning I’ll be away! So I won’t be able to post properly. I am going to schedule a post for Saturday! Hopefully that will work!
I’ll be posting pics on instagram (if I can get it too work, having a blip at the minute!) and updating my twitter so if you want updates you can check there! I’ll be pestering Mr Swan to take some outfit photographs so expect a blog post when I get back!
Also I still have my giveaway open, it’s the last weekend for it, so make sure you get your entry in! I want a few more people to enter! Come on followers!
I am tempted to get a video camera (mama swan told me I can get a good Kodak one for £45!) so I can vlog more! I quite enjoy doing it and you guys seem to like it! It’s something, I’ll definitely consider!
Anyway must get back to packing eek! I never know what to take!
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