Quick while the suns out!!

top – primark, skirt – peacocks, belt – free on jeans, ring – poundland
Total Outfit Price: £14.00
I decided to run outside and take some pics as it’s been soo long since I’ve seen the sun! Bit of a casual outfit today. I have more essay writing and uni work to get on with. Yay!
In happy happy news my video camera arrived it’s tiny! It’s currently on charge and then I’ll be testing it out so expect to see beautiful quality videos very soon!!
I’m currently having an argument with poundland (sad you might think, but I paid a pound for something poor quality and I want my money back! Cheap I know!!!) I brought some fake nails from there ages ago and they are all split and ruined so I emailed them and they say I can take it back to the shop with a valid receipt. I don’t have a receipt as I brought them in February which they know! Arrghhh. I will fight for us consumers!!!
I’m off to my first wedding fayre this weekend, which is rather exciting. I am hoping to take a few pics for you guys!
Anyway must get back to uni work! :/ sighhh!

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