Giveaway Winners!

 To announce the winners I decided to do the traditional names on paper! Thank you to everyone who entered it means a lot. Thank you to all the followers, you really keep me going! A lot of love to my followers and everyone who supports me. Anyway I’ll stop gushing. So here are the winners!
Verifash – you won the denim hair bows!

Blue berry blush – you won the Sally Hansen beauty pack!

Stephie – you won the amazing Eiffel tower necklace!
Congratulations to the three winners! I wish I had enough gifts for all of you but I’ll make sure there’s another giveaway soon.
To the lovely winners – I’ll be in touch asap!
Ohhh on a side note I brought a new video cam and it’s been dispatched so expect to be a lot more “vlogs” in a lot better quality (HD to be precise!!).

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