Bicycle ride!

top, skirt, tights, sunglasses – primark, shoes (not seen) – new look
Total Outfit Price: £16.00
Didn’t know whether to post these photo’s or not. But decided I’d post the best ones (that’s why there is only 3). The top is a man’s top so I took my scissors to it. Cut of the sleeves and neckline, it needs a bit of a tidying up but I rather like it!
The skirt has a rather hideous gold waist band! I had to cover it up! Ewww. I’ve brought myself (well mum brought them on behalf of me (someone horrible horrible person hacked my account, they tried taking £279, but I’m on to them! Which means I’ve had to cancel my card! Sadface)) an Easter egg and bits for tomorrow! I’ll be posting photos tomorrow evening probably!
Just a quick post today! Remember you can enter my giveaway! I’m so grateful for all the comments, tweets and love!

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