Take me to Paris!

top, skirt – charity shop, necklace – poundland, shoes – shoezone
Total Outfit Price: £9.09
I’m channelling my inner Parisian! I really want to go to Paris this year, hopefully my student loan money will stretch that far, until then I’ll just dress Parisian. I am totally inspired by befrassy.com. I suggest you go and have a look! All I need is some garlic and onions and a twiddly moustache and I am practically French! hahaha.
Feeling under pressure and exhausted at the minute. Not really too sure why, but boy, I can’t wait for Easter break!
Taking these pictures seemed to take forever, I had the neighbours cat hissing at me (I love cats soo much, but this was freaky!), endless bumble bees, wasps, flies and then trying to tackle the low sun! I gave up in the end and used the fence instead!
Any way I’m off to make mini pizza’s for dinner followed by my freshly baked brownies! Yummmmm!

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