my week!

My week
Saturday: I went to London Fashion Weekend. Which was amazing. Click here to see my post!
Sunday: Spent the day recovering from LFWEnd, looking at my goody bag etc.
Monday: Mr Swan and I celebrated being together for 3 years! We had a lovely night in. He got me the Lady Gaga book.
Tuesday: Spent all day at uni, learning lighting techniques. So tired after such a long day!
Wednesday: At uni again. Sooooooo tired!
Thursday: I ventured to Norwich to buy my tickets for Norwich Fashion Week. Which I am very excited about! I will be blogging about it! I also brought some sunglasses, polka dot plimsolls and an amazing skirt from H&M.
Friday: At uni again and having a night in with dominoes catching up on all my favourite fashion blogs. I would love to see some new blogs. So post some links and I will take a look!
I would also like to say a massive thank you to everyone that follows and views my blog. It really makes me happy when I see a new comment or follower. You guys are the best!

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