make up review!

YSL Touche Eclat
RRP £25.00
I was really happy when I found that I had a free sample of Touche Eclat. It’s something that I wanted to try forever and I finally got my chance. But unfortunately I don’t think it lived up to the high expectations I had.
Don’t get me wrong, the coverage is good but I just feel you can get the same coverage for so much cheaper.
The shade was No.1 which suited my skin tone. The coverage is quite light so it took quite a lot of building up. As I always say I have dark circles under my eyes anyway and this is something I struggle to cover up. I expected YSL Touche Eclat to cover these up perfectly but I found that my £1.50 Avon concealer does the job much better and for a cheaper cost. I could buy 16 Avon concealers and have change for the price of one Touche Eclat.
It’s good but it’s not great I far recommend Avon concealer against this.
I rate the concealer 3/10

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