outfit post!

dress – charity shop, tights – primark, shoes – notting hill, belt – littlewoods
Total Outfit Price £9.50
Ok ok! Technically I didn’t wear these shoes today as I’ve been tucked up under a duvet most of the day finishing off my uni project! Had in tomorrow and then a week off! Bliss. And technically I didn’t pay for the dress mama swan brought it for me for a rather reasonable £1.50! The belt was free on a pair of jeans!
Still trying to find an outfit for fashion weekend, but this time next week I will have had a day of birthday shopping! So hopefully I’ll come back with something perfect to wear.
Thanks to everyone viewing my blog! My hits have been great recently but I would be really grateful if you could follow me! That way you can keep up with all my latest looks, bargain buys and fashion.
P.S I PROMISE to do a giveaway when I reach 100 🙂 (it will be good)

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