Friday, September 30, 2016

A/W 16 Wishlist

It's everybody's favourite time of year. The leaves are turning gold and you can get pumpkin spice latte (I tried my first one this year!). I do have to admit I love the hype of Autumn too. The promise of cold weather after a long hot summer, layering up cosy knitwear and coats and boots have to be my favourite items in my wardrobe. 

It's not very often that I look for clothes for myself anymore. I'm still wearing old clothes while Edith is dressed in beautiful new clothes. I guess that's just being a Mama. So I thought it was about time I had a good window shop online.

Now my choices are not groundbreaking, they are practical. After all I could be running around after a toddler very soon, she mastered crawling so walking is the next step. That means that pretty dresses are out of the window. Luckily I love jeans and these ripped ones are the perfect colour blue. I like to wear a darker denim in winter, I think it compliments the season and works better with boots. 

Talking about boots. How beautiful are these? I adore fringing and the subtle details on these boots make them a must have. I prefer that darker brown too, I feel it compliments outfits better whereas a black boot can sometimes look too heavy,

I've gone for a basic grey vest, I love grey a lot and it's become a staple colour for me. I don't think you can have enough tops like this in all honesty. 

I am on the hunt for the perfect longline green cardigan and I think my hunt is over! This one is perfect. I do love a longline cardigan, it makes you feel all cosy. The only small issue is when they are longer than your coat. I always tuck mine in to avoid the problem.

It's not winter without a bit of faux fur. Every year I eye up one of these scarfs and this year I've decided I'm getting one. This one looks so fluffy and I love the colour, Sometimes the colour can look really artificial which I'm not a fan of.

Of course it's not A/W without a berry lip. Edith likes to pull on any jewellery I wear so I now have to make statements with makeup instead. This colour is just beautiful. It's called mulberry and my makeup bag is crying out for it.

My last item on my wishlist is this beautiful coat. It's so gorgeous. I told myself I wouldn't buy a coat this year as I have quite a few but I'm very tempted by this one. It's from Ted Baker and at half price it's really too good to miss!

Which piece do you like the best?

*via lovethesales

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Twirlywoos Birthday Cake

Twirlywoos kids babies 1st first birthday party cake drip

Twirlywoos kids babies 1st first birthday party cake drip

Edith's love of the Twirlywoos started a good few months ago. For those of you not in the know, Twirlywoos is a kids TV programme featuring these characters. She laughs at them and dances when they do. It's so cute. We bought her lots of Twirlywoo bits for her birthday and I knew that her  cake would have to feature them. 

I had always planned to make Edith's cake but they got more and more elaborate. So in the end I decided to tone it down. A white chocolate drip cake with the Twirlywoo toys on top. It's a win win. I don't have to try and make them and she gets the toys to play with afterwards.

The toys fitted so well on top of the cake and Peekaboo, peaking out of the side. The cake just needed a few sprinkles and it was good to go. It was a labour of love. Taking 2 days in total but totally worth the reaction it got. Edith was so excited to see it.

Twirlywoos kids babies 1st first birthday party cake drip

Twirlywoos kids babies 1st first birthday party cake drip

Twirlywoo Drip Cake

- Serves 24 - 

400g softened unsalted butter

400g golden caster sugar

7 medium eggs

400g sifted self-raising flour

175g  sifted plain flour

grated zest and juice of 1 lemon

500g softened unsalted butter

1kg icing sugar, sifted

1tsp vanilla extract

1 tbsp whole milk

food colouring of your choice

100g white chocolate

50g double cream


- Grease and line five 20cm loose bottomed tins.

- Preheat the oven to 170°C (150°C fan oven) mark 3

-Cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. 

- Add the eggs one at a time and mix in. If the mixture looks as though it's going to curdle, mix in 1tbsp flour. 

- Fold in the remaining flour with the lemon juice and zest. 

- Bake for 20 - 25 minutes until a skewer inserted into the middle comes out clean.

- Leave to cool completely.

- Once cool level the cakes with a cake leveler or sharp bread knife.

- To make the buttercream - add all the ingredients into a large bowl. Beat together with an electric mixer until the buttercream is smooth. Add in your desired colour. I went for blush pink.

- Assemble the cake taking one layer of sponge at a time. Spread an even layer of buttercream on top of each cake then add a sponge on top. Continue to do so until the cake is fully assembled.

- Crumb coat the cake but spreading a thin layer of buttercream on to the top and sides of the cake. 

- Place the cake into the fridge for 1 hour to set the buttercream.

- After the hour is up. Coat the cake in another layer of buttercream. This time make it thicker. Spread all over.

- Take a cake smoother and smooth the top and sides of the cake to give a neat finisher. I cannot recommend this enough. This is what will give your cake a professional finish.

- Place into the fridge to set.

- Make up the white chocolate ganache by heating the cream until it't just before boiling. Pour over the chopped chocolate. Leave to thicken up.

- Once thick, carefully spoon the ganache onto the cake to create the drips.

- Place the Twirlywoos on top and any sprinkles you'd like.

- Place back in the fridge to set.

- Serve once set.

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Wedding Planning Problems: Could A Theme Make It Easier?

A wedding is many things. It is, first and foremost, a chance for two people to cement their love officially. It is an opportunity for friends and family to be witness to the partnership. It is, of course, also a social occasion where people who may never have met have a chance to meet. People who have not been in contact for years, even decades, can strike up old friendships. In short, a wedding is a celebration.

All of the good things that a wedding is need to be in your mind when you plan one. At some point, probably many points, during the planning you will be frustrated. You will raise your eyes to the sky and wonder why you don't just elope. Get it out of the way. It's got to be better than going through this complicated, tiring string of battles, right? So why, in the name of all that is good, would people complicate it further by adding a theme to a wedding?

In Defence Of Themed Weddings

A lot of people are down on themed weddings, and it's understandable that they are. You can hear the objections now. "You're in love. That's your theme!". "You're just making more work for yourself!". "A Minion theme? What are you, nine years old?". And to be fair, the last one at least may have a point.

However, the question you need to ask yourself is a simple one. Do you WANT a themed wedding? If you do, then that is really the only question that needs answering. If it is what you want, and you're both agreed on it, then you should go ahead. Why? Well, above any other reason, your wedding should be about you. It should reflect you as a couple. And if a themed wedding is special to you, then that's what it will do.

Maybe you're both passionate about sport and want a wedding that has a touch of that sport. You can colour code it for your favourite teams, or hold it on a ski resort. Maybe you're both keen on travel and want either a destination wedding or one that references your favourite country. Or maybe you both really like Minions. Yep, even then, go ahead and do what makes you both happy.

Is A Themed Wedding Harder To Plan?

There are so many things to get right about a wedding - any wedding. Unless you plan to elope then there is lots of planning needed. So people could reasonably say that you're making it more complicated by adding a theme. But they may not have it the right way around. A theme is one more thing to consider - but does it make a lot of other things easier?

When you have your theme, it can make a lot of other things fall into place. With or without a theme, you have to think about outfits, venue, food and any number of other factors. With a theme, you at least have guidance and inspiration for those choices. Spanish-themed wedding? Well, that helps with the outfits for a start. You may have decisions to make on the venue - go to Spain or bring Spain to you? - but the food is sorted too.

There is no point in creating unreasonable expectations - it's a wedding and there is still going to be planning to do. You don't just download an entire wedding and install it on the day. But you can find that things take on their own direction very quickly if you get it right.

Will Your Theme Work For Everyone?

Of course, you may find that there are skeptics about the whole idea of a themed wedding. There will be others who are fine with the idea, but not your idea. It would be nicer if they'd give it their full approval and get involved with making it a perfect occasion.

Whether they do or not, though, your wishes are what's most important. Look them in the eye, hand them the luxury wedding stationery and ask. "Are you going to keep finding fault, or are you going to help me with the invites?"

Now, none of this is to try and convince people who are against the idea of themed weddings to have one. If, indeed, the one theme of your wedding is that you love each other, that's great too. That is the most important thing. But don't be put off the idea because it seems like it would be complicated. You may find it surprising how simple it can be.

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